A story of 10 months 10 days

Fermented food representative of Tosa "Salted Bonito (Shuto/ Sake Thief)"

"Salted Bonito (Shuto/ Sake Thief)" is a quickly processed internal organs of fresh bonito, aged with salt only. Freshness and speed of processing work greatly affect the quality of Salted Bonito, fermented food representing Tosa of "handmade".

This aging also requires a period through the four seasons of Japan. It takes about 10 months to mature for "Salted Bonito" as well as "10 months and 10 days" from human conception to childbirth.

If you think who makes the most delicious "Salted Bonito" in the world, the answer will be "Fisherman of Bonito". Fish freshly picked bonito on the ship, for the food of the day, cut the internal organs thinly, dip the salt and put it in a bottle and stopper it.

On top of the ship, the bottle has rolled a number of times, the bonito's internal organs and salt are stirred well in the bottle, and the most delicious "Salted Bonito" is finished in the world which was eventually shaken by the Kuroshio current cradle.

Utilizing this principle, we will carry out agitation work once a day until aging in the manufacturing process of "Salted Bonito". Although it is very primitive, it takes time and effort until preparation of "10 months 10 days" and make " Salted Bonito " by traditional handmade work .