Birth story of Toyoshico

After the Second World War, when my father who was the predecessor was young, he worked for a company that manufactured and sold Kochi's Smoked Bonito, borrowing a piece of souvenir shop managed by my grandmother and my mother.。

Father was occasionally taken by the boss of the company and market participants to Tosa's famous restaurant. He always eat "Seasoned Salted Bonito". This "Salted Bonito" seems to have been very delicious with reasonable salt control. He asked the cooking chief of the restaurant about a top secret recipe.。

"Can I manage to have this seasoned Salted Bonito eaten even at home?" However, at that time, delivery had not been developed yet and further research was needed.

And in 1964 in the year of the Tokyo Olympic Games finally "Seasoned Solted Bonito" was finished as a product, In this corner of this souvenir shop, my father and mother started to run a company which manufactured and sold Salted Bonito.

At the beginning, my mother and grandmother were in charge of manufacturing "Seasoned Salted Bonito", the manufacturing work began from 3 o'clock in the early morning, the traditional souvenir shop was opened after that, and after closing they prepared for the next day such as washing the bottle and spent hard and busy days.

As a result of the cooperation and efforts of my father, mother and grandmother, a sales channel of "Seasoned Salted Bonito" had been established little by little, and the product and company name were recognized in the market.

In order to challenge new possibility of "Salted Bonito", I took over the will of the predecessor and established a new company on December 8, 2016.