Origin of "Salted Bonito / Shuto"

Pour sake into a masu - a square container made of wood - and drink with salt. This is one of a nice way to drink. Sake and salt are compatible with each other, as is salt-aged "Salted Bonito (Shuto/ Sake Thief)".

In the poetry of the masses of the Edo period, "I want to buy bonito even if I put my wife in a pawnbroker." From this, bonito at that time was a valuable fish, only a limited upper class could eat this fish. Of course, "Salted Bonito (Shuto / Sake Thief)" was also a high class delicacy.

The history of the production of "Tosa Kare-honnbushi" is over three hundred years. From the Edo period top sales in the Nihonbashi market were Tosa-bushi, Satsuma-bushi and Izu-bushi. Always the first place in quality and sales was "Tosa Kare-honnbushi".