Hot feeling for "Salted Bonito / Shuto"

Since I was a child, I have witnessed that good products can be made by having family and employees as one.

However, the times will progress quickly.

And food intention is changing.We would like to challenge the possibility of "New Salted Bonito / Shuto" suitable for the times, and strive to create new products including returning to the origin.

While examining things that will not change even when the times change, while considering things that must change according to the times, I will inherit my father's mind and take a part of "Tosa's food culture" to be a future of " I would like to focus on nurturing future generations to the future.

Currently, domestic and overseas delivery logistics has developed. Also, while interest in health is increasingly emphasized every year, Japanese foods including "umami" of bonito and kombu are approved as world heritage. As a concept of product making, I would like to make products with the material's taste by using natural ingredients, without using chemical seasonings or chemical additives as much as possible.