Three points of commitment

1)We all manufacture it by handmade.

Salted Bonito is "The Gift of Kuroshio" that fermented and aged fresh bonito internal organs with salt for 10 months 10 days. We are making a Salted Bonito with affection, like raising a baby born. In addition, while retaining the original taste of Salted Bonito, we are also devising a taste suitable for the current trend.

※Reasons to stick to fermentation with salt.

Salt, which is an ancient seasoning and also preserved food, is one of the ingredients that absorbs unnecessary moisture and enhances the preservability of food.

2)We use the internal organs of fresh bonitoes. And stick to domestic production as raw materials.

We will immediately salted the internal organs of the fresh bonito that was landing on the market.By quickly salting, freshness and color are kept well.Freshness is important for "Salted Bonito".

We carefully select raw materials and manufacture "Salted Bonito / Shuto".For example, Tosa's "Special Sake", Hokkaido's "Beet sugar", "Pure rice candy", "Pure domestic rice vinegar ".

※We use alcohol only to suppress fungi.

3)Pay attention to indoor temperature and hygiene so as to enable the necessary minimum salt concentration.

Based on HACCP system, we manage room temperature and sanitation. Maintain an annual room temperature of about 25 °C. This also makes it possible to keep the color of "Salted Bonito" vivid. And fermentation progresses smoothly by the action of the pylorus.